A View from the Mascot’s Eyes

Guess introductions are in order.

My name is Scooby and I’m the “big dog” around here. That’s because my people own this agency and I call the shots. For instance, when I get in I expect my food and water bowls to be full. Tell me what good are empty bowls? NONE!!  A fella needs his nourishment so he can take his morning nap. Ok, so now that that is over with, allow me to introduce my friend and fellow mascot, Madison. She is a very pretty girl and very prissy. WOW can she be tough. I want to play and she just sits there like she’s some sort of blue ribbon winner with her silver bowl. Yeh, just because she was here first doesn’t cut the dog bones if you get my drift. Her people have been friends with my people for years but still, she is not the boss of me!!!! Life around here gets pretty boring if I don’t stir up some trouble. Fortunately for me, Madison doesn’t come in very often. That means I RULE!!! Just so we have the rules down….

Our people are really good to us. They are Robin and Remon (Pierre and Rami) and Ming and Jim. This is important for you, our readers, to know so you can keep up with our adventures. You know, it’s funny how these people think it’s great fun to throw us in the car and go for a ride. Think about it, we get in, try and stay on the slippery seat only to be tossed on the floor. Yeh, lots of fun!!!! Now, when we get in the back seat, that’s good ’cause it usually means a long ride to someplace fun. For instance, a week or so ago I got in the car with the family and ended up on a beach!!!! WOW was that great. Ran up and down this beach and no one cared if I had my leash on or what I was doing. FREE!!!!! The name of the place is “Paw Park and South Brohard Beach in Venice, FL. Oh, and I also got to spend a couple nights in a motel that was glad to have me. A little scary at first with all the new smells and noises. Rami stayed with me one day and that was good.  After I got used to the area, it was fun to go out and find new smells and meet other dogs that got to go with there people. This is one of the many “dog friendly” places Madison and I will be telling you about in future blogs.

Madison, do you have any comments? Thanks Scooby. As usual, you took all the time here. I will have a report next month because I am going on a road trip to Branson, MO. Stay tuned folks for that adventure!! Somehow I think I will have a good story for you. Until then, paws up to all!!!!

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